• EMMANUELLE, Fearless 48-Year-Old Pro-Surfer And Inspiring Surf Coach

    Be inspired by Emmanuelle.
    She's 48, and still doing perfect cutbacks in impressive waves. She's a pro surfer and now shares her knowledge as a respected Surf Coach.
    Here is her story.
  • First Waves - The Stories Behind Amazing Women Surfing

    We want to see more women surfing. We are all different and yet we seek some role models to be inspired. So let's be inspired by all these amazing amateur or professional female surfers, who tell us abou their first waves. [New Story Every Friday]
  • KATELL, A 47-Year-Old Superhero: Single Mom And Vice World Champion Of Adaptive Surfing

    Be inspired by Katell.
    She's 47 and tetraplegic and yet, she's made it to the 2019 Surfing World Championship in less than 2 years!
    Here is her story.
  • MANON, 27-Year-Old Passionate Surfer And Ocean Cleaner

    Be inspired by Manon.
    She's 27, she's passionate about surf, and most importantly, she conducts a great project for surfers to clean the ocean!
    Here is her story.
  • LUCY, 21-Year-Old Beginner Surfer: Blogging From The Mediterranean Sea To Bali

    Be inspired by Lucy.
    She's 21, but it doesn't stop her to start fresh in her new favorite sport: surfing. And she's generous enough to share her beginner journey on her beautiful blog.
    Here is her story.
  • Why You Should Make Your HEXA Surfboard Your Valentine

    No need to feel pressured to find your romantic life-partner for Valentine's Day! 
    Whatever your gender, whatever your affinity for Valentine's Day, you can celebrate love around your passion for boardsports!

    Read this article to discover 8 reasons why your HEXA Surfboard will make a perfect Valentine (and probably more)...

  • How we make Eco-surfboards happen

     At HEXA Surfboard we are committed to lead boardsports towards technical and environmental excellence. This is why we totally rethink the production and distribution of surfboards to match our values, that we believe are massively shared among surfers. Here is how.
  • How Can Surfers Make The Difference: The Rise of Eco-Surfboards

    WHY THIS HYPE AROUND ECOSURFBOARD? As Kelly Slater puts it "I think when a surfer becomes a surfer, it's almost like an obligation to be an enviro...
  • New Article Coming Soon

    Keep posted for our next article !